Sunday, 21 May 2017

Minix Neo A2 Lite Remote

In my previous blog, I mentioned about the Minix Neo U1 Android Box. It comes with a remote which is, in essence, just a pointer.

The included Minix remote.

I bought the Neo A2 Lite remote. 

Six-asix gyroscope accelerometer
Spacious keyboard
Advanced power management
Uses 2 x AAA battery
Operating range up to 10 meters

For me, the dealbreaker is the the keyboard. During the setup of the Minix, I had to input numerous URLs and navigate the settings. Although using the included remote pointer would suffice, the NEO A2 Lite makes things much faster.

Box Front.

Box Back.

Remote front

Keyboard behind.

The 2 remotes front.

The 2 remotes behind.

Location of battery

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Minix Neo U1 Android TV Box

I bought the Minix Neo U1 android box from Comex 2016 PC Show in September. Although the Neo U1 comes with its own remote, I bought the Minix A2Lite Airmouse.

I have an AC Ryan Playon HD2. You can put an HD into the AC Ryan and it becomes a media storage. So you can download movies and songs direct into the HD and the AC Ryan can play the movies straight to your TV. I have a NAS at home, so I placed all my movies into the NAS. So the AC Ryan becomes a media streamer. Although it can work on wifi, it is very slow sometimes with numerous buffering. The AC Ryan has served me well but its time to move on. I realised from the AC Ryan that I just need a media streamer.

That is one the reason I bought the Minix. The other reason is to watch Live TVs from the neighbouring countries, channels which I cannot receive from my current cable provider.

However, I found out that there are load of other channels which I can have access to and watch i.e. movies, tv series, sports, documentaries. Its features and abilities are worth it.

The cost of the Minix together with remote was SGD229. It comes with 3 years of IPTV which I hardly used.

Android 5.1.1 OS
Gigabit Ethernet
64-bit Quad Core
2 x 2 Mimo ac-Wifi
4K Video @60fps
XBMC Minix Edition - Kodi

Box Content:
Minix Neo U1
Minix IR Remote
Dual Band Antenna
Power Adapter
HDMI Cable
Micro-USB Cable
OTG Cable

Minix Neo U1 Box Front

Box Back - Specifications

Box Side

Box Other Side

Box Content


There are 3 USB ports. TF slot is for SD Card. OTG port is to connect directly to a PC. The Minix box can be control with the following
- Wired mouse
- 2.4GHz USB wirless mouse and keyboard set
- 2.4Ghz USB air-mouse/gyro mouse - Minix product 

Ports- Other side

The Minix is connected to the TV via HDMI. There is a SPDIF port to connec to an amplifier.

Antenna Connector

Minix IR Remote.

The Minix IR Remote is sufficient for light use. If you need to input URL or commands, it does a good job of pointing to the screen keyboard. Otherwise, the Minix Air Remote is very useful. I will show that in my next blog.

Overall, I find the Minix box very useful.There are a lot of resources online that can help you with what you want to watch. I try to avoid doing any upgrades until I really have to because I have read that the links may not work after upgrades. One app that I used extensively is Kodi. That is a must have. It is open source and there are lots of links that work on it.

If you have an Android box, let me know what you used it for.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Artemide Tolomeo Table Mega Lamp

25 Feb 2016

I bought a pre-owned Artemide Tolomeo Table Mega. The previous family had it for 8 years. They bought it from XTRA Furniture, in Park Mall which is an authorised seller of Artemide. But there was no documentation and receipt. The lampshade is paper and its the mid-size, 360mm diameter. I am not too keen on paper but the condition of the lampshade is in good condition and relatively clean for 8 years. Furthermore, I can purchase a replacement from Artemide.

The Table Mega uses a clamp and not with the heavy base. I think its because it is quite a long lamp and a heavy base would not be able to support it.

The Tolomeo was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1982 for the Artemide company. It won the Compasso d'Oro design award in 1989. It is a highly coveted award which has been awarded twenty times since its introduction in 1954. It is also on display 

I have always wanted to own a Tolomeo. I like the industrial look to it, with its cantilever structure. Nowadays, the Tolomeo comes in various sizes, from the small bedside version to the XXL floor lamps. It was credited for 'having achieved the perfect marriage between design and engineering that works together in total "sync" to materialize an idea and create the perfect object for industrial production.' 

From the Artemide website.

I bought the one with the 360mm diameter

The whole lamp is in need of some cleaning up. 

I polished up the whole lamp with Autosol. This is the table

The Artemide sticker.

Another feature of the Tolomeo. The male part is placed into the clamp
housing. Or it can be placed into the metal base.

Several base options for the Tolomeo.

The arms are cleaned up and polished.

The table clamp is in placed and the lamp is
slide into the slot.

The lamp is placed above the dining table at my residence.

With the lights on.

An interview with 3 great designers. From left, 
Richard Sapper designed the Tizio lamp. He passed away 
31st Dec 2015. Ernesto Gismondi founded Artemide
and Michele De Lucchi designed the Tolomeo.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Coopidea Power Block 5 USB Wall Charger

The Coopidea 10.6A Power Block

I bought the 10.6A Power Block 5 USB Wall Charger by The Coopidea at the 2015 IT Show. I cannot remember the price but I am sure it was on offer, as of most products at the IT show. This is used mainly for my corporate travel and it will complement the Arctic Charger which I blog about here.


Input: 100-240V ~ 1.2A, 50-60Hz
Output: 5.0V, 10.6A (4 x 2.4A, 1x1A)
Dimension: 88 x 75 x33 mm
Weight: 210g

After using it and comparing it against the Arctic charger, there are a few downsides.

1. There is no light on the charger to indicate if it is powered on.
2. It would be nice if a bag is included to keep the power cable and the charging block.

Otherwise, it is a very good device.

Box front.

Box side

Box Back

Box side

Box flap cover


The charging cable is not pretty.

Output of 4 x 2.4A.

The charging port.

Details behind the charging block.

Size perspective

Another view.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Westin KL, Stayed and Reviewed.

I had the opportunity to stay at the Westin KL in March and April 2015. Both are single night stay. I booked it through Agoda. There were a couple of reasons for staying at the Westin for my visit. A number of my clients were around this area. So I do not need a taxi to visit them since it is all walking distance. The hotel is located in front of the Pavilion, which is a huge mall with an equally huge food court and has many restaurants. So I do not have to eat at the hotel with its high price. It was also a chance for me try the hotel's Heavenly Bed

The Westin Heavenly Bed is one of their selling points. It comprises of 10 layers of 'heavenly comfort'. This includes a custom-designed pillow top mattress, three 400 thread count sheets and a down blanket, a comforter, white duvet, five pillows, two king sized goose feather pillows, two standard non-allergenic pillows and a decorative boudoir pillow. The whole Heavenly bed is available on Amazon.

I have stayed at the Westin Bali and I blogged about it here. Somehow, I remember the Heavenly Bed to be more 'thicker' in Bali as compared to the one in KL. But then again, it could be my imagination as that was 2 years ago.

Nevertheless, it was an excellent hotel. Excellent service from the staff. Very accommodating. The rooms are clean and very nice. I would definitely come back for a stay here next time.

Map link here.

The Westin in the heart of KL, Bukit Bintang area

On the right of the Westin, is the Marriott.

Next to Marriott is Sephora and the Fahrenheit mall.

The hotel lobby area. Free water on the left of the picture
and the Concierge counter on the right.

This is the check-in counter, opposite the concierge counter.

The weird concoction free water.

Upon entry of the room.

The colour tone makes the room very bright.

The study table and chair looks a bit dated. I remember the chair
as not being ergonomic. They could have used the Herman-Miller
Aeron chair.

Another view of the table....

The study lamp.

The day-bed by the window with a nice marble top table.

The in-room bar counter.

And the Heavenly Bed.

Another view.

Somehow I feel Westin Bali bed is much thicker. Westin uses
Simmons mattress.

The bathroom is quite spacious.

The bathtub.

The single sink with amenities.

The shower area.

The wardrobe.

The view from my room overlooks another hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This view is the Ritz Residence.

For SPG members, you will get free room wifi. You can even signup on the spot after check-in. But there are expiry dates to the points accumulated from the SPG group stay. And booking through 3rd party website does not entitle you to any staying points.

Otherwise, staying at the Westin has always been enjoyable.